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Download an Exclusive Premiere from the Dusun Sessions

by Joshua P. Ferguson

What began as a little bonus R&R for touring artists like Daedelus, Phon.o, Perera Elsewhere and Housemeister during tours through Southeast Asia, the Dusun Sessions were conceived by an artist called Cee. Once part of the Al Haca Soundsytem—remember that wicked sci-fi dub bass record with Stereotyp?—and a fixture in the Malaysian electronic scene as a tour manager and promoter, Cee and his family recently settled in for more tranquil living as managers of a pristine eco-resort nestled in the Berembun jungle called the Dusun.

Here, DJs and producers traveling through the area have been taking five from the rigors of touring to unplug, soak in the natural environment and, when up for it, plug back in to record spontaneous and ethereal sessions inspired by nature and their company. Calling on the worlds of techno, bass, ambient and smokey R&B, the resulting Dusun Sessions are a blissful journey that evoke not just the surrounding crickets and clouds but also some truly intimate moments with the artists involved.

One of these artists, the Berlin-based Housemeister contributed to two such incantations, each a crackling and contemplative ode to the jungle. The first of these, "Die Zirpe Und Der Frosch" is a pulsating and teetering bass-techno affair and is available below as an exclusive free download in advance of the full release of The Dusun Sessions on May 15 via Mouthwatering Records.

"It was amazing to sit in a house without windows on a mountain in the jungle," Housemeister says of his time at the Dusun. "The sound of all the animals was always there, even while you made the tracks, it was always inside. So we decided to record all these grasshoppers and stuff to integrate them into the real tracks, so that the others get the same feeling."

Get a first taste of the sessions here and be sure to cop the full release when it comes out next week, it's free and available on the beautifully designed, which includes gorgeous photos of the scenery that surrounded the release.


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