Shuffle | Dixon | In Our Wilderness

Shuffle | Dixon

The Innervisions Frontman Maps New Territory with His Soundcloud Debut:
In Our Wilderness

by Joshua P. Ferguson

From our earliest encounters with Steffen "Dixon" Berkhahn, we've been drawn to his singular approach to deep dance music. Meeting him for the first time in the early 2000s, he was the first interview we ever conducted, an uneven and uninformed attempt at radio journalism that ultimately paved the way for Dialogue Inc as you now see it. Similarly, Dixon got his start unevenly, playing hardcore records with Atari Teenage Riot before he rebelled, embraced his love of house music's deep and soulful side and began paving his own way for the Innervisions sound alongside labelmates Âme and Henrik Schwarz. 

Now held as a guiding light in the deep house sound, his mix of ambient moods, modest tempos, delicate vocals and that understated appeal of "deep" that's so difficult to put into words, Dixon stands in stark contrast to much of the electronic sounds that dominate today. Almost as a case in point to this oppositionist approach to clubland comes "In Our Wilderness," Dixon's first contribution to his Soundcloud page. A DJ who's made his name almost strictly through deejaying—which is all too rare these days—this is no small event. Dixon's officially released mixes are few and far between, and the Internet has taken note. Since it was uploaded in the twilight of last year, it has amassed more than 200,000 plays.

And not one of those plays is likely to come from someone who has found their new Hi-NRG workout mix. To the contrary, "In Our Wilderness" plays like an odd dream aglow with echoing chimes, radiant melodies and quiet snare taps, without a drop in sight. Featuring leftfield selections from luminaries like Thom Yorke and Roman Flügel, underground favorites like Steffi and Etienne Jaumet and oddities like Date with Elvis, it's surprisingly light on the 4/4, preferring half time chugs and easy-going breaks. 

It also showcases Dixon's prowess at effortlessly blending, a skill honed from more than two decades as a DJ, time spent as a resident of some of Berlin's finest dance floors, playing all nighters long before he reached the career heights he's currently enjoying. But Dixon hasn't let his popularity cloud his vision. Rather, "In Our Wildenress" affirms just how fiercely dedicated he is to the style and sound he's spent so much time cultivating, which we're thankful for. It's one we never grow tired of.

STREAM | Dixon "In Our Wilderness"


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