Video | Brumes D'Automne Plastikman Re-Score

Video: Brumes D'Automne

Richie Hawtin dons his Plastikman guise to re-score 1928 film.

Techno rebel Richie Hawtin has brought his Plastikman alter ego out of retirement yet again, this time taking a page out of the Cinematic Orchestra playbook. Using  a 1928 silent movie  Brumes D'Automne as his muse, Hawtin has crafted a moody and minimal re-interpretation of the short film by Dimitri Kirsanoff. 

The movie focuses on a solitary woman drifting through a damp fall day as she reflects on love lost. Hawtin carries this mood with a steady fog of muffled orchestral strings that imbue his new score with the essence of the film's origin as our protagonist drifts through mud puddles and memories in a teary eyed daze. But it wouldn't be a Plastikman production without ever-present, erratic and scattershot acid squelches and bellows of haunting bass, the presence of which create just the dizzying sense of out-of-place confusion unfolding onscreen.

Joshua P. Ferguson


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