The Allure | Ghostly International Wallpaper

The Allure | Ghostly International Wallpaper

The label always looks as good as it sounds. Now your computer can too.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Since its earliest days in the late nineties and early aughts, Ghostly International has treated itself as more than just a record label. First there's the little boy, his cat and the bird that accompanied the signature Pac-Man ghost. There's the die-cut 12" artwork with the inter-locking inner and outer sleeves. Then, the album covers—pieces of art in and of themselves—often commissioned from graphic design and fine artists whose careers are following a similar trajectory to the producers and musicians they're creating artwork for.

Names like Michael Cina and Andy Gilmore are as synonymous with the Ann Arbor-based label as Matthew Dear, Shigeto and Tycho are. (In fact, the latter dabbles in the design world as well, well known as ISO50.) The point is, it goes without saying that if Ghostly International is releasing a record, it's going to look damn good. And if you take even 30 seconds to scan the label's web store, you'll see it's a meticulously curated collection of other things that are made well and look damn good too—notebooks, bags, hats, tees, limited-edition art.

Now, they've got a deep collection of free desktop wallpaper, including the paint-drip mixed media of Cina, the precision fractals of Gilmore and a host of others from names like Brandon Locher and Sougwen Chung. They are pretty much all awesome and should become the go-to backdrop for your laptops, iPads and phones tout suite. 

We've compiled a cross-section of our favorites below and you can peruse the entire collection at:


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