Dialogue Incorporated | Podcast 30

Dialogue Incorporated Podcast 30

A special 30th edition cosmic house special mixed by Mister Joshua

It's hard to believe we've done 30 of these already. When we started this blog back in '07-'08, it was basically to serve as a replacement for the radio show we'd just stopped doing up in Madison Wisconsin, our college stomping grounds. The regularity has had its ebbs and flows over the years, and certainly the musical content has bent to our every whim, from our domineering DFA phase to the jazzy, broken world beats of way back when to the melodic, deep and often 4/4 leanings we favor these days. It's been an awesome ride and one we have no plans for stopping. We hope you've enjoyed it alongside us.

This 30th edition serves as a here and now for the music we're most passionate about. Dancefloor oriented, but understated and largely 'drop free,' it's cosmic deep house as we like it—steady rolling and soothing on the brain—like a free float through space, bathed in a kaleidoscopic starlight glow. Or something. Regardless, Universe Purse, as we've dubbed it, is a seamless trip through the styles, labels and artists we can't hear enough from and we hope you feel the same after listening.

Joshua P. Ferguson


(128 mp3, hit us up if you'd like a higher quality copy)




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