Persona | Balearic | Dialogue Inc DJ Mix

Once & Future Waves

A Balearic Inspired DJ Mix by Dialogue Inc.

Compiled & Mixed by Mister Joshua

Our summer listening has been wholly taken up with Balearic music, sounds we've affectionately taken to describing as made for the sea and the condensation on cocktail glasses. We dove deep into its history and its renaissance this past month, interviewing some of Balearic's main players, soaking up how it came to be, and mostly just listening to everything we could press play on. This mix is a culmination of the impression it's left. 

Since we've never been to Ibiza and Chicago isn't exactly a bastion of chill out nights, this mix came together through inspiration. It includes artists that have long been attached to the scene like Chris Coco and José Padilla, a handful of classic tracks from the Orb and Vangelis, some new stuff we thought fit the vibe well like Donato Dozzy, Vermont, and Chicago's Supreme Cuts, and a lot of ambiance. 

To toot our own horn a little bit, we think it's one of the best mixes we've put together for Dialogue Incorporated, a carefree, fun, and relaxing stroll by the sea set to some songs we were really feeling (and still are). Give it a listen and let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you.

Joshua P. Ferguson

DOWNLOAD: Mister Joshua | Once & Future Waves 
(128 mp3, hit us up if you'd like a higher res copy)


photo credit: mayrpamintuan via photopin cc


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