DJ Mix | Summer 2014 Essentials

10 Hours Dedicated To the Roots of Dance Music

Get Lost with George Clinton, Mr. Scruff and Daniele Baldelli.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Gilles Peterson Worldwide | Words & Music with George Clinton

The dogfather of funk, founder of seminal genre-bending acts Parliament and Funkadelic, and self-described messiah rescuing dance from the doldrums, George Clinton dropped in on Gilles Peterson for an interview spanning from Clinton's earliest days doing doo-wop to his upcoming autobiography and reality TV series (what?!). Peterson helms the mix, covering just as much ground musically by moving through each seminal moment in Clinton's back catalog and touching on his influences, offshoots and artists he's inspired in the process. This isn't one to put on in the background. Plug those headphones in and listen up. This is history.


Mr. Scruff | Keep It Unreal 15th Birthday 

Those who know, know Scruff is like a DJ superman, bounding around the booth and leaping whole genres in a single bound. The eclectic Mancunian draws from all corners of the globe, pulling sounds from Africa, Brazil and the Carribean into an already diverse bag of tricks that skips from funk to boogie to disco to hip-hop. He was just in Chicago last weekend where we experienced the magic first hand, but this set is from his long-running residency at Band on the Wall in his hometown. As opposed to his epic 7-hour Windy City set (which you can also hear here: Mr. Scruff @ Smart Bar), this one is a mere 5. But we're able to embed it below, so here you go:


Daniele Baldelli | Beats In Space

The iconic Italian behind the cosmic dance movement that originated in the late '70s and early '80s, Daniele Baldelli shares Balearic's 'anything goes' mantra, but tends to settle into rhythmic, spacey, percussive and synth-laden dance tracks and never lets the BPM get too high. Also known for setting up inside DJ booths designed to look like space ships and space helmets, the idiosyncratic Baldelli touched down Stateside this month to explore more of his afro-disco-boogie-inspired sounds with Tim Sweeney and Beats in Space, and the results are so good Sweeney let go of his set slated for the second half of the show because Baldelli was pure fire.



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