DJ Mix | Ryan Elliott | Panorama Bar 06

DJ Mix | Ryan Elliott

Ostgut Ton switches up its approach to the Panorama Bar series with Volume 6, from the Spectral Sound veteran.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Labels these days face a few curious challenges in the ongoing game of content, promotion, monetization, and format. For Berlin label Ostgut Ton, the house imprint to club mecca Berghain and Panorama Bar, it's that last one that has given them pause. In April, it announced that its popular mix series, Panorama Bar, would no longer see release on CD. With Volume 6 of the DJ mix series, it will appear in a new form handcrafted and helmed by longtime club resident and Spectral Sound A&R man Ryan Elliott.

Knowing the innovative music house, it wouldn't simply be a move to mp3s available for download from Beatport. Arriving yesterday, the latest installment is officially making the rounds as a high-quality, professionally mastered and completely free WAV download. Available via Ostgut Ton's Soundcloud page, the mix already has close to 20,000 plays. Not bad for just over 24 hours.

Surely one of the big questions for the label as it turned away from a CD release was, how do we keep this special? Thanks to RBMA and Boiler Room, there is no shortage of exclusive DJ mix content added to the web each day. The answer: curation. Elliott set to work back in February lining up 10 exclusive tracks for the mix, from artists as diverse as Roman Flügel, Tuff City Kids, Deadbeat and Nick Höppner, which follow close on the heals of the digital mix in vinyl form, split across two 12"s. Filling in the gaps is a range of songs that flow freely from warm, deep grooves to dubby breaks to impassioned jacking rhythms to smooth and precise tech house meditations. As Elliott puts it, "It is my version of what Panorama Bar sounds like... The most important thing to me is that the mix sound like a night at the club."

While the marketing move isn't some never-before-seen publicity gimmick, it is an undeniably smart one. No matter what your product or service is today, digital is your medium. You have to either embrace it or risk obsolescence. For record labels, this means making some hard decisions about content control. Just as it is for companies are grappling with how to manage their messaging in the world of social media, the answer is that in the digital age it often pays to let go of the reins a little bit. 

That's what Ostgut Ton has done here and its a move other labels could learn from. As an online outlet that deals in content, we know how important it is to a brand's identity. What better way to shape that identity than to give out an artfully selected and crafted mix peppered with exclusive material that stands as a ringing endorsement for your label, your club, your sound and your brand? There may not be one.

DOWNLOAD: Ryan Elliott | Panorama Bar 06 (WAV)


1. Portable - Shadowdancing (Dancecapella) (00:00) 
2. Newworldaquarium – Thousand Oaks (00:15) 
3. Tuff City Kids – Breacher (00:54) 
4. Daniel Jacques – End Of My World (03:41) 
5. JT Donaldson – Mindsmoke (07:33) 
6. Norm Talley – More Powder (09:22) 
7. It's Not Over – Late At Night (VIP Mix) (11:16) 
8. Different Noodles – Banana Resort (14:23) 
9. Alex Falk – BF (17:49) 
10. Makam – Girls Night (20:44) 
11. Octave One – Track 3 (23:55) 
12. James Duncan – Shades Of House (A2) (25:42) 
13. Wincent Kunth – Re Entry (28:14) 
14. A Sagittariun – Conquering Lions (29:15) 
15. Deadbeat – Whoa! (31:27) 
16. Hard House Banton – Reign (34:50) 
17. K-HAND – Clap Yo Hands (38:28) 
18. Groove Chronicles – Your Power’s Taking Over (42:15) 
19. Head High – Power Seat (44:59) 
20. Taka Boom featuring Chaka Khan – Groove Like That (48:07) 
21. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – House Music (52:00) 
22. Mr G – Womb (55:05) 
23. eLBee BaD – Don’t Wanna Lose Ya Love (58:02) 
24. Bluelite – Enlite (59:32) 
25. Will Azada – Pump That Shit (1:01:55) 
26. Tronic Pulse – Hit That (1:04:25) 
27. Heiko Laux – The Bridge (1:07:18) 
28. Roman Flügel – The Odd Lobster (1:09:43) 
29. G. Marcell – Breathe (Exhale Mix) (1:12:56) 
30. Borrowed Identity – Leave Me (1:14:29) 
31. The Oliverwho Factory – Take It Slow (1:17:19) 
32. Genius Of Time – Tuffa Trummor Med Röst (1:21:14) 
33. Nick Höppner – Track For Eb (1:25:54) 
34. Terrence Dixon – Innocence (1:29:10) 
35. Marcel Dettmann – Light (1:30:17)



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