Video | Dealer

Video | Dealer

Short film draws inspiration and soundtrack from Burial.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

As consummate Burial fans, we've been anxious to get this blog post out of the queue for more than week now. This darkly thrilling short film directed by Ben Dawkins and produced by international creative house The Sweet Shop fully embraces the title track to UK enigma Burial's latest EP, "Rival Dealer," turning it into a visual whirlwind of one fateful night in the life of a low man on the drug-dealing totem pole. 

Racing around a dark and damp London night, the protagonist wrestles with his family, his livelihood, and the pitfalls that accompany each—though some fall further than others. Moving in waves that match the breaks-laden hyperactive peaks and deep ambient valleys of the 11-minute song, the short captures the neediness, the danger, and the rush of an underground lifestyle that is in eerily perfect harmony with the hazy, bare, emotional grit of Burial's music.

Recently, Vice's THUMP arm caught up with the film's director to talk through the synthesis of the two pieces, which you can read here: THUMP | Ben Dawkins interview.

Joshua P. Ferguson

View the film below:


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