The Allure | Dust and Grooves

The Allure | Dust & Grooves

New Book Shares the Dedication and Joy of Vinyl Addicts.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

It's a passion that I personally have had to take great care to explain to the uninitiated—and to my girlfriend whenever we move. Record collecting is a fever shared by a select few selectors across the globe, one that proves itself a joy to look at, listen to, and read about. At least it is for Eilon Paz, a photographer who has dedicated the past 5 years to seeking out and photographing some of the globe's most impressive record collections, and the people who have amassed them. He's been compiling the results of this exploration on his website,, and more recently as a gorgeous coffee-table tome subtitled, Advenures in Record Collecting.

Traveling from his home base in New York to L.A., England, Paris, and more far-flung locales like Jerusalem and Istanbul, Paz's features and accompanying photography are a captivating testament to the passion and style that emanate from these dedicated collectors. From country-collecting gals to dusty devotees, each feature dives deep into the minds that drive these die-hard preservationists.

Interviews range from well-known collectors like the BBC's Gilles Peterson and Philly DJ extraordinaire Rich Medina to those whose fame and respect don't extend past those in the know. The latter group actually makes for some of the most interesting fare, as some warm light is shed on the joy they find in having, say, the world's most extensive collection of  blues, bluegrass, and jazz 78s.

Even my modest home collection, put together over years as a DJ and sales manager at a record distribution company inspires wide eyes and raised eyebrows from house guests. Articulating the pride that comes from setting them up for display and rediscovering long-shelved gems on lazy sundays is always a welcome conversation around my apartment, and it's apparent from the conversations captured in Dust & Grooves that I'm not alone. Each is a fascinating glimpse into big personalities—those of both the collectors and their collections—and compiled as wonderfully as they are in Paz's new book, it's a piece that will stand up well alongside all my records.

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting is out now and available wherever fine vinyl records are sold.

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