Video | Flying Lotus | Phantasm

Leave It to the Mind of Flying Lotus:
A New Video for "Phantasm" 

mischievous fuzzy beast unravels a man wrapped head-to-toe in black bandages to reveal he's made of pure light, shimmering pools of water, and your inner child. Commence spirit journey through the outback. It's a vivid dream that could only have come from Flying Lotus and it's the video for "Phantasm," a delicate, cosmic, and jazzy incantation from his 2012 standout Until the Quiet Comes.

Directed by Kiwi talent Markus Rofko, its a vision from well within the FlyLo wheelhouse. Grandiose, sweeping shots of deserted landscape in New Zealand offset the intimate stroll of these two unlikely and outlandish companions. Interviewing the man otherwise known as Steve Ellison while he toured for the LP, I asked about his reputation for dabbling in psychedelics. While he cleared the air and let us know his "tripping" is overblown, he does make sure to log one journey a year. No one should be surprised to find out that visuals that accompany "Phantasm" were unearthed from the memories of one of these yearly episodes. 

— Joshua P. Ferguson

Watch the full video here:


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