Shuffle | Martyn + Four Tet

Shuffle | Martyn + Four Tet

"Glassbeadgames" (8 Hours at Fabric dub)

In the annals of dream collaborations, there's undoubtedly power couples greater than this one. But, having repeatedly listened to the eight minutes of tropical technoid 2step bliss that recently appeared on the Internet courtesy of 3024 boss Martyn and the ever-prolific Four Tet, my mind is conveniently failing to think of one.

The "8 Hours at Fabric dub" of "Glassbeadgames" is a lively jaunt around scattershot snares, gritty synth stabs, warm thumb piano, and shards of UK garage vocals. It's also a balanced listen to what each of these talents bring to the studio—the addictive and complex listen we should expect from sitting these two side-by-side.

A teaser for Martyn's forthcoming LP for Ninja Tune boasting the lovely title, The Air Between Words, the album will feature the original version of "Glassbeadgames" as well as another nine undoubtedly wonderful cuts and will be released on June 16th.

Joshua P. Ferguson


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