Persona | David August

Persona | David August

There's more to the young talent than ubiquitous hit,but "Epikur" is still a great place to start.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Eloquent beyond his age, both in his compositions and in conversation, 23-year-old Hamburg native David August has seen a considerable boost in his reputation thanks to the release of his Epikur EP for Dixon and Âme's cult imprint Innervisions back in March. An impressive introduction for many—at least it was for us—"Epikur" is one of those songs that gets inside you, an emotional meditation that billows with fluid melody and has just the right amount of intensity to lift you up without ever overplaying its hand.

"Epikur" is certainly the young producer's brightest moment to date. It also merely scratches the surface of an artist on the rise—one who has a thoughtful approach to the art that flies in the face of the EDM drudgery being churned out by many of his millennial peers. August's first full-length, Time, appeared quietly last year on Solumon's respected Diynamic label, and offers further proof of his range in the studio as it spans the peaceful and electronic, the organic and breaks-laden, and his own humanist approach to techy house. 

As August puts it himself in a recent video interview for Deutsche Telekom's cultural outlet, Electronic Beats, he prizes "when you notice that the bass line has hit a bump or the snare groove goes slightly out of time. It's the feeling that the framework might be about to collapse." It's these manmade and intentional imperfections to the rigid certainty of dance music programming that fascinate August and inspire his output. There are no out-of-the-box rolling drops here.

While he's made quick work of skirting the line between the functional, physical effect of dance music and a more nuanced sound that can stand still, and stand alone as music regardless of genre, his studio output is still minimal. That hasn't slowed him from carrying out his mantra across his DJ sets. 

First cracking Resident Advisor's Top DJs list in 2012, August continues to challenge discerning dance floors with insightful track selection, inventive edits (taking on the likes of Madonna and, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles), and an underlying deep moodiness. If "Epikur" is to serve as your primer for David August the producer, his latest DJ mix for Groove Magazine's podcast series is the only place to start when fanning the flames of your attachment to David August the DJ. 

We are confident your appreciation will only grow from here.


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