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The Allure | Daft Punk 
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Although it's come about completely by happenstance, our week of Robot-themed posts continues today and everyone at Dialogue Inc. is geeked about it—some of us quite literally. In anticipation of its Chicago live date tonight, Kraftwerk has been on perma-stream around the office, earlier this week we shed some light on Japanese robot band Z-Machines, and now France's cheekiest robots have taken twitter and tumblr streams by storm with '80s-inspired ads for new merchandise. 

Yes, Daft Punk is continuing the best album ad campaign in a decade with a series of faux print ads straight from the heyday of shopping malls and CDs trapped in oversize plastic security packaging. With headlines ranging from "Like the Legend of the Phoenix" to "She's Up All Night" to brilliant copy featuring lines like "You never cut corners and only like the best of everything—but don't think your last boyfriend really counts," the whole lot of ads is squarely in so-bad-its-good territory—but like really, really good.

Joshua P. Ferguson

Glimpse the whole collection below:


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