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Season 7 Cast Photos

Tracking down the photos for this post, I had myself all prepared to get sentimental and talk about how this is Dialogue Inc's final Mad Men coverage. Turns out from reading a few interviews with show creator Matthew Weiner, including a great in-depth piece for Vulture, that AMC is pulling a Breaking Bad with the final season of Mad Men and splitting it up into two seven-episode sets. And it wouldn't be a show about advertising if the second season went without the obligatory send-up of cast photos and teaser videos that we've made it a habit to share.

That, after all, is why we're here now. This weekend, AMC released a series of jet-set cast photos to reacquaint us with the Mad Men world of the late '60s. Depending on the time jump since we left a spiraling Don put on a forced leave of absence from SC&P, and an agency about to open up shop in Sunny So Cal, it's either 1969 or 1970. Aside from a timeless Don, it shows. Fringe and facial hair are the name of the game for the gentlemen, while the women fair a touch more gracefully—if no less psychedelic. 

Part of Mad Men's charm has always been the style of the time period it takes place in. As that gives way to polyester and paisley, it's maybe the one thing about the show I won't be sad to say goodbye to. Weiner gives a few hints as to the story lines of the characters that we will see off into the final closing credits but at least now we have until 2015 to say our final goodbyes. We'll see you back here then with one last set of cast photos.

Mad Men Season 7 premieres on Sunday April 13 on AMC.


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