Shuffle | Todd Terje + Brandt Brauer Frick + John Tejada

Shuffle | New Sounds from Our Inbox

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Todd Terje "Delorean Dynamite" 
We know we're far from the only ones to be sitting in eager anticipation of the debut full length from nordic auteur Todd Terje. Well, at least we have a firm date to look forward to now (April 8) and the promise of a few good bits from the record (It's Album Time) before then. It begins with pulsating lead single "Delorean Dynamite," a hyperactive first outing that wastes little time building to a whirlwind of feverish bass, gusts of synths, and his telltale cosmic melodic wandering before dissipating into a calm of ambient tones.

STREAM: Todd Terje "Delorean Dynamite"

PREORDER: It's Album Time (and get "Delorean Dynamite" upfront)

Brandt Brauer Frick "Hugo"
German trio Brandt Brauer Frick are next up to bat for !k7's esteemed DJ-KiCKS series, and have helped cool our anticipation with a free download of their exclusive contribution to the mix, "Hugo." Building on the threesome's penchant for analog orchestral techno, "Hugo" slinks along with an understated intensity, glowing with the fuzz of synth stabs, and punctuated with clicks, thumps, and squeals of what can only be described as a string quartet who mistook their instruments for drums—and somehow yielded a wondrous result. 

DOWNLOAD: Brandt Brauer Frick "Hugo"

Bavaria "We Break Through"
California house minimalist John Tejada has a decade-long musical relationship with vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kimi Recor, of the Invisibles. Their work together culminates today with the release of We'll Take a Dive, which the two recorded together as Bavaria for Oakland's n5MD imprint. Ranging from jazzy electronica to lush, understated dance beats, it's a turn from Tejada's punchier work for Palette and with Recor in tow, it's really beautiful stuff. "We Break Through" is a perfect case in point.

DOWNLOAD: Bavaria "We Break Through" | Direct download here



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