DJ Mix | Winter 2014 Essentials

DJ Mix | Winter 2014 Essentials

by Joshua P. Ferguson

It's cold out there (at least where we are). These three sets are sure to heat up your apartment, car, or cubicle, so press play on them sooner rather than later.

Four Tet 1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm (DJ Mix Jan 2014)
The title may be keyboard vomit, but this casual studio mix from British beatsmith Four Tet is anything but a mess. Overflowing with unreleased cuts, random productions, mystery gems, and forthcoming releases for his predominantly vinyl-only Text Records label, the mix is pristine Kieran. This means it's a masterfully sequenced excursion through bass oddities,  percussive techno jazz, left field house, tribal broken beat, and various other swirling sonic textures. Good luck finding a track listing, but we can help you zero in on the finer moments, most notably beginning around 15:00, 31:14, and 47:20.

DOWNLOAD: Four Tet DJ Mix Jan 2014

Daniel Bortz Boiler Room Munich
Boiler Room has yet to let us down when we're in need of an hour or so of thumping distraction, and our latest fascination is with the recent installment from Bavarian artist Daniel Bortz. With a style that would be right at home on a label like Pampa, both because his productions and his selections share that deep, orchestral aesthetic and because he and DJ Koze could probably spend a lot of time laughing together, Bortz's mix is a meditative affair. Dark and brooding at first, it cycles through pulsing techno and haunting house before opening up to new wave undertones, quirky house, and Robag Wruhme's remix of Moderat—a track we're dying to get our mitts on.

STREAM: Daniel Bortz Boiler Room Munich

Kirk DeGiorgio Machine In Dub
Released to help build anticipation for his forthcoming live set for Machine at London's Corsica Studios alongside DVS1, veteran techno mainstay Kirk DeGiorgio lays down three hours of seamless dubbed dance beats here. showcasing an incredible range of artists including Dialogue Inc faves Recondite and Trus'me, this is a reverb-laden 180 minutes well worth getting lost in.

DOWNLOAD: Kirk DeGiorgio Machine In Dub


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