Video | Thug Entrancer | Death After Life I

Video | Thug Entrancer

"Life After Death I"

Easily one of the weirdest 4 minutes of computer-generated psychedelia we've seen in some time, the video for hometown Chicago artist Thug Entrancer's latest might haunt your dreams. It might also just make you laugh—especially when that creature does his best Taylor Swift headband impression. You'll see.

The visual accompaniment to the leftfield producer's first single for his album Life After Death, which is due February 11 via Oneohtrix Point Never's Software label, it's four minutes of stream of consciousness crazy that is somehow befitting the stuttering bleeps, padded tones, and understated post-juke rhythm programming that ebb and flow throughout "Life After Death." 

Directed by artist, videographer, and designer Milton Melvin Croissant III (or mmciii), he describes the vision as a a personal journey "through the techno-torture chambers, heavenly mall arcades and triumphant head-bangers. In the animation, I’m drawing from a visual language that [Thug Entrancer] and I share: the tropes that emerge from a basement of horror VHS tapes, video games and skull shaped incense burners."

It's really something you just have to press play on.

Joshua P. Ferguson


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