Shuffle | WhoMadeWho

Shuffle | WhoMadeWho

Copenhagen's premier dance-pop outfit WhoMadeWho are gearing up to go it solo with the release of its fifth LP, Dreams, which is due in March on their newly-minted Darup Associates imprint. Aside from the shift in labels, the playful three-piece isn't throwing out any other dramatic changes. Still centered on intimate lyrical storytelling, bouncy rhythms, and a touch of that telltale nordic melancholy, WhoMadeWho is poised to continue along the path it's paved for itself with LPs like The Plot and 2012's Brighter. (Read our 2010 interview with the band here: Dialogue Inc | WhoMadeWho)

If "The Morning," the trio's first glimpse into Dreams—which was released late last year as the record's lead single and a cleverly produced app—broke from tradition to brighten things up alongside the a.m. sunrise, "Hiding In Darkness," WhoMadeWho's latest single out today as a free download, is as the name implies. Murky with the thrum of Italo bass broken up by streaky synths and six-string disco rhythms, the newest material from Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Barfod, and Tomas Hoffding is inspired by a trip to Berlin club mecca Berghain and is further proof that they can show off their serious side without letting go of the whimsy that has always made them compelling.

Listen to and download "Hiding In Darkness" below.

Joshua P. Ferguson



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