DJ Mix | Pangaea Fabriclive Radio Promo

Pangaea Fabriclive Radio Promo Mix

This is a rough slice of bass techno. There's really no way around it. It ebbs and flows from the bombastic to the pulsating to the occasionally ethereal, but generally this promo mix from UK DJ, producer, and Hessle Audio co-boss Pangaea (a.k.a. Kevin McAuley) comes fast, hard, and full of breaks. Our recommendation: Don't listen to it first thing in the morning.

But do listen to it. Alongside his Hessle cohorts Pearson Sound and Ben UFO, McAuley sits at the cusp some of the most progressive sounds coming out of the UK—a deep, dark, and unforgiving blend of techno, bass, and breaks. His is a constantly evolving sound that's come a long way from its roots in the dubstep scene of the early aughts. Describing his first forays into throwing parties, while still in Leeds, McCauley describes the music at the time as "everything I wanted really, in that it was dance music for sound systems and experimental at the same time." 

In that sense his output as Pangaea, his work on Fabriclive 73 (which is due out January 20), and on his mix embedded below remains true to this statement. His official Fabric mix swirls with deep atmospherics, minimal flourishes, mechanical freak outs, stripped down bass and breaks, and even halftime rollers that took us back to the tracks that first turned us on McCauley and his camp. Its the uncompromising and multi-textured aural workout you'd expect from one of these youngsters, and the first great Fabric mix of 2014.

Get a taste below:


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