Shuffle | Physical Therapy | Non-Drowsy

Shuffle | Physical Therapy

by Joshua P. Ferguson

No stranger to the odd promo boost when introducing new music, Jersey-based (and often cowboy-gear-clad) Daniel Fisher a.k.a. Physical Therapy has resurfaced just in time for Fall with a seasonally appropriate new EP, Non-Drowsy, for his newly minted label, Allergy Season. The Pitchfork darling is well-liked for his broad musical palette, encompassing the rolling pianos and skittish beats of his Jersey heritage as well as the darker tech and UK bass flourishes that he works into the fold.

That's precisely what's on deck across the seven tracks that make up Non-Drowsy, from the choppy warmth of "Huminbeen" to the hopped-up warehouse beatdown of "Caffeine" to the brooding "Huff" to the drifting chill-out of set closer "d.T."

The entire EP is available for download from Fisher's recently launched and cheekily branded label site,, but you can press play on the entire EP below to get a quick dose of what you're in for.

Joshua P. Ferguson

DOWNLOAD: Physical Therapy Non-Drowsy EP | 320 mp3s


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