DJ Mix | Fall 2013 Essentials

DJ Mix | Fall 2013 Essentials

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Deejaying in 2013 isn't quite what it used to be. There was a time in the electronic-music realm when an artist could just be a DJ. Production wasn't a requirement for yielding some weight on the scene. Those days seem to largely be behind us, but that hasn't diminished the art any. 

In 2013, we've shown renewed dedication to scouring the Interweb for quality sets—and Boiler Room culture hasn't hurt what we're finding any. Lately, discovering a new dj mix floating around isn't even an aural-only pleasure. We've actually discovered a couple of well-produced, hard to turn away from video sets as well. One in particular, is featured here. But first…

Daniel Avery Live from Fabric (3-hour Boiler Room broadcast)
While Daniel Avery's debut LP, Drone Logic, is getting celebrated praise from, well, everyone, this is a guy who would have no trouble resting on his DJ laurels. And why not, he's a resident at Fabric after all. Recently, he's been playing the promo circuit heavily with an excellent podcast mix contribution to Resident Advisor, but this epic excursion from a recent night at London's Fabric done in conjunction with Boiler Room has been on an endless loop with us since it dropped this weekend. Running the gamut from ambient to moody rock to deep acid to Avery's signature machine funk, it will renew faith in DJ artistry for even the most wary.

Mark Pritchard Personal Journey Through Jungle Fact Mix Pt 1 + 2
While many of the ears and keyboards out there have been focused on the '90s house revival, classic drum & bass has also made a fierce resurgence this year. Who better than much lauded bass producer Mark Pritchard to side step the studio for a few to give Fact his own take on the classic tracks that gave birth to the genre. The man's knowledge of the music featured her is as expansive as his various aliases. All but one are now sadly retired, thankfully Mark Pritchard and his record collection are not. Spread across 56 tracks and two separate sets, as a whole it's another stunner that shows a deep appreciation for how UK breaks culture evolved at the end of the 20th century, and just what a DJ set can be.

Robag Wruhme Live at Dommune Tokyo
Followers of Dialogue Inc already know we love this guy, and we've never had the chance to see him live. So of course, we jumped at the possibility to carve out an hour—likely when we had more pressing things we should have been doing—to marinate on this impressive live set from Robag Wruhme. The way he works the mixer across his soulful techno selections is as impeccable as the tracks themselves (especially those few choice edits exclusive to the mix). Watch closely now.




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