Stream | CFCF | Outside + mp3

Stream | CFCF | Outside

Peaceful. I can think of no better way to describe Montreal producer Michael Silver's music. As CFCF, he's consistently let fly—well, let float away really—dream-like compositions that echo, reverb, tip-toe and massage. His is music for starting your day at ease, daydreaming through mellow afternoons, and for coming down late at night before you start the cycle all over again.

His latest LP, Outside, for Paper Bag Records, continues this steady stream of mellowness through 10 tracks or '80s-infused, new age balearicism and its inspired a fair number of SoundCloud refreshes since a stream of the record surfaced last week. With the album out today, its addition to our permanent collection is imminent. A couple listens and it might be for you as well. Find out for yourself below.

— Joshua P. Ferguson

DOWNLOAD: CFCF "Jump Out of the Train" | 320 mp3

STREAM: CFCF "Beyond Light" 

STREAM: CFCF Outside (courtesy of Gorilla vs Bear)


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