Shuffle | Om Unit + Seafloor + Isaac Tichauer

Shuffle | New Sounds from Our Inbox

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Om Unit "Shine Your Light"
Yesterday, when I read MixMag declare Jim Coles' forthcoming Om Unit LP, Threads, "one of the best bass-music releases this year," I couldn't help but think, sure, we'll see about that. Then the promo dropped in our inbox today. Oof. (This is the point, I begrudgingly admit that they were spot on.) Weaving a tight-knit series of tracks that traverse silky drum & bass rhythms, steadfast chill out beats, weighty bass moments, and his fare share of tracks that look to the footwork sound birthed here in Chicago, Threads does more than reinforce Coles' position as one of the more formidable producers working within the club scene's low end, it establishes the record as one of the best... You get it. While "Shine Your Light" is a non-album cut, it's a pristine taste of what you'll be in for when the LP drops next week on 
DOWNLOAD: Om Unit "Shine Your Light" | 320 mp3

Direct DL: here (right click)

Seafloor "Kuwae" 
Another worthy producer sitting comfortably at the hybrid crossroads of nostalgic d&b, ambient, left field, juke, and bass, this time from Brooklyn, Seafloor surfaced last month with a 5-tracker for Pixelord's Hyperboloid label. With penchant for roughshod and jagged beats that are kept together with steady liquid ambience, Seafloor may be an artist you've yet to discover, but he's also one that'll stick with you once you do. Here's as good a place to start as any:

DOWNLOAD: Seafloor "Kuwae" | 320 mp3

Isaac Tichauer "I'll Let You Go"
Tichauer's recently unleashed "I'll Let You Go" deviates from the broken-juke of the previous two entries here, but there's something in the Australian producer's deep and melodic brand of house that occupies a similar sentiment to Om Unit and Seafloor. Combining the sunk-in chatter of an unnamed man riffing about jazz, the soulful swoon of an R&B sample, and the deep melody that permeates the track, Tichauer's heartfelt electronics vibrate similarly, he's just set his to a 4/4 beat.

DOWNLOAD: Isaac Tichauer "I'll Let You Go" | 320 mp3


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