The Allure | Daft Punk

The Allure | Daft Punk and Milla Jovovich 
for CR Fashion Book

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Though the heavy rotation of "Get Lucky" seems to be waning in these final days of summer and the good-or-not debate surrounding Random Access Memories is finally subsiding—our vote: good, very good—Daft Punk is not letting its flair for PR fizzle alongside them. 

Say what you will about the French duo's latest record, but Thomas Bangaltar and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo boast a mean publicity game, the sparkly helmets and definitive live show being as responsible for their EDM godfather status as any of their hit songs. More so than most other electronic music artists snagging headlines and marquee bookings today, Daft Punk is the complete package: talent, savvy, and vision all wrapped up into one. When you consider the pair's early, ground-breaking videos, its multiple feature films, its sample-worthiness in the Kanye West lexicon, its legendary 2007 Alive tour, and its ability to fly in the face of contemporary dance-music fads, no one can touch these guys. 

Daft Punk is the type of subject Dialogue Inc's The Allure series is built on: beautiful and infinitely marketable. Which is why its recent photo shoot with supermodel-come-actress Milla Jovovich for online magazine CR Fashion Book, is so, well, alluring. Founded by the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, CR is a breathtaking visual journey through high style and the high life, two things Bangaltar and Homem-Christo know as well as they do the studio. But, as good as they look through the lens of the camera, the studio, after all, is where these two thrive. Say the two in CR's "Digital Love""This album is about technology going toward humanity, in a world where humanity is going towards technology. We tried to capture robotic emotions with music, replacing this time our electronic machines by real human beings." Few artists can wax this philosophical about their song of summer. Ahem, Robin Thicke. Joshua P. Ferguson

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