DJ Mix | Summer 2013 Essentials

DJ Mix | Summer 2013 Essentials

These Three Summer Sessions Not to Be Missed.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Has anyone out there seen the Seinfeld episode where he dates the masseuse who won't give him a massage when she gets home because she's sick of working? I didn't fully realize it while I was in the thick of it, but I think I was the music journalist version of that masseuse—but not for writing, for listening. Since the start of this year, I've been toiling by day outside the music realm and it's really opened up my ears. I may be writing for the blog less, but I'm listening to 7x the amount of music. 

In the last DJ mix we posted, I talked about how full length albums have been a big part of this year for Dialogue Inc, well DJ mixes have been too. And this summer's seen the release of a few in particular that all of you out there should press play on. 

Seth Troxler and Bill Patrick Soundtrack for the Last Day On Earth
Two of underground dance music's biggest names clearly spent a lot of time marinating on this one. Troxler and Patrick don't exactly deliver ripe, sunny vibes here, but from the sounds of things that's because these two sunk a ton of time into lining up folk, indie, ambient, midtempo, and crystalline deep house and techno cuts for this mix intended for official release via Beatport, only for it to get killed due to major label licensing disputes. Our ears came out the better on that one. If a crystal clear winter day in a remote part of upstate Wisconsin had a sound, it might sound like this (although only to those of us who visit and don't actually live there).

dBridge XLR8R Podcast #307
XLR8R prefaces this mix by pointing out that the online electronic music resource doesn't dedicate too much space to drum 'n' bass these days. Well, anyone who's spent time with Dialogue Inc can  confirm that we never have. But somewhere along the way bass gained it's place—both sounds have  always been something we've listened to, though never fanatically. One person we have always kept an ear to is Darren White, a.k.a. dBridge. Formerly part of seminal d'n'b crew Bad Company, and more recently making waves with his soothing dnb-not-dnb work alongside Instra:Mental, White is fresh off a new solo 12" for R&S, so XLR8R lined the prolific producer and DJ up to drop this mix brimming with his signature sounds.

DOWNLOAD: XLR8R Podcast #307

Todd Terje Essential Mix
For a man who eschews a lot of the norms within dance music, Todd Terje never fails to deliver exactly what's needed to get people moving. One of our favorite DJs, and one with an impeccable ability to mix the unlikely—everything, really—and make it belong—we've learned a lot about oddball music from Terje. He's been an undeniable influence on what we do here and what we play out as DJs. So where better for the nordic left field disco savant to tie his appeal up in a neat little bow and present it to the world than for Pete Tong's Essential Mix series. Here's how Todd sums up his mix: “some disco, very little house, a couple of summer schlägers and a dash of MOR radio rock.” We'll take it.



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