Shuffle | Holy Ghost! + mp3

Shuffle | Holy Ghost!

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Heir apparent to the LCD Soundsystem mantle, Holy Ghost! has been ramping up its presence on the Internet lately as it gears up to unveil its sophomore studio effort, Dynamics, early next month. Picking up where they left off, Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel are two analog gearheads who feel much more confident in the studio this go around.

Before we even realized Holy Ghost! had a new LP in the wings for DFA, we snapped up lead single "Dumb Disco Ideas" for its immediate and unabashed summer dancefloor appeal. Clearly the comfort zone these guys have settled into this time is coming through in the music, because this is no moody affair. Pristine punk funk bass pops keep time with crisp snares and a cowbell pulse to set the tone for the shimmering 8-minute excursion. Layers of synth lines pair up to round out each chorus before the Millhiser and Frankel get back to calling out scenes from their native Gotham during these sweltering summer months.

Officially passing the torch, DFA godfather James Murphy sits in on the sessions for Holy Ghost!'s second release, the driving "Teenagers in Heat," a short and sweet Italo-New Wave burner. Ditching the 4/4 rhythms for a quick-paced throwback pop romp, the pre-album teaser sounds like it was dubbed right off the radio in '88. Just as heavy on the influences as any of their label mates, the childhood friends make it work, and work well. "Teenagers in Heat" is  available as a free download for all of you jonesing for a dose of DFA.

DOWNLOAD: Holy Ghost "Teenagers in Heat" | 320 mp3


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