Interview | FaltyDL

Interview | FaltyDL

by Joshua P. Ferguson

It's been a couple months now, but we had the unique pleasure of sitting down with Brooklyn-based producer Drew Lustman, a.k.a. FaltyDL, back in May when he was touring as James Blake's opening act. Mellow, thoughtful, and with a great sense for quality electronic music past and present, Lustman and I conversed for more than half an hour as the echoes of James Blake's sound check wafted down into the green room where we were sat.

Conducted in part for the radio show we co-host, Abstract Science, this interview was our first foray into an audio production versus a written article. Made up of snippets from our chat that go from his preference for making albums instead of singles, the problem with journalists labeling his music, his fondness for underground parties, and how he copes with the lifestyle of being a traveling musician, the interview has been set to music from Lustman's latest record, Hardcourage, and loaded up to Youtube for easy listening. Press play on the results below.


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