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Heavy Rotation | XLR8R

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by Joshua P. Ferguson

Mugwump "Boutade" — International Feel | XLR8R Review
"Boutade" first hit the market on Ewan Pearson's sparsely populated Misericord label in 2008. Nonetheless, despite that limited initial exposure, the song's cinematic, jazz-boogie fusion has endured. The soundtrack to a sun-soaked stroll along an international boardwalk, the track is a swirling tide pool of orchestral string arrangements, dramatic timpani bombast, and Detroit-inspired bass that chugs along while enjoying the calming massage of spaced-out atmospherics."

Footprintz "Fear of Numbers" (Leo Zero remixes) — Visionquest | XLR8R Review
"Giving the track dancefloor potential in a remix and dub pairing, Elstob's overt references to his source material are few, favoring Footprintz's lyric-less harmonies for most of the former, and keeping only the essence of the original on the latter. Rooted in a live-seeming cosmic shuffle, each version is a tripped excursion in anti-gravity flanger and meandering, melodic acid lines."

"'Reach Out Feel' maintains the underground house proclivities that have garnered previous Debukas releases so much praise. But here, Clark is also highlighting a pop prowess that he's typically only hinted at, as densely layered percussion gives way to a bulbous analog bass riff and keyboard melodies plucked from late-'80s electro, with vocals to match. Listening to the track, it becomes clear why Debukas is often compared to acts like Hot Chip."

Blacksmif Splinter Foot Girl EP Space Hardware | XLR8R Review
"As the track proceeds, hiccuping drums, the light cascade of keys, asymmetrical bursts of bass, and a swinging ride cymbal are slowly added to the mix. A feat of meticulous programming, the harmonious clamor fades only momentarily, revealing a 4/4 beat that every previous drum hit seemed determined to avoid. This interlude is short lived though, as Blacksmif returns to gusts of rough-edged synth and a dizzying shuffle."


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