Video Interview | Moderat

Video Interview | Moderat

With just over a month until the release of its second record, II, Moderat (a.k.a. Modeselektor and Apparat) has quickly ratcheted up its appearances on the Internet, releasing two video interviews this week. 

Having been graced with a stream of the record, we can say that the browser tab has been open ever since. An exploration of emotive bass, techno, and those lovely and dark nether-regions inbetween, it's a close sibling to the trio's first record, full of rattling drums, longing vocals, gritty low-end, and the odd pitched-down moment of mellowness. 

To hear the guys talk about the process is well worth the time. Sascha Ring (Apparat) and Gernot Bronsert (Modeselektor's more talkative half) trade anecdotes about their time in the studio, while Sebastian Szary sits back quietly, chiming in with the occasional light-hearted jab. 

"To make this first record, it was not really a decision. It was more like an experiment to try. There was no concept or plan. This time, we had more of the focus to make a record like a band would make a record," Gernot explains in their video for Eastern Electrics, the festival where Moderat will debut its new material live the first weekend in August.

In a longer segment for FACT TV, Ring expands on the songwriting process. "I think the biggest surprise for [Gernot and Szary] was finding out how big of an emotional process it is," he says. "Trying to sing and not being able to, for me, it always feels like a failure. When I came back into the room with the shittiest mood you can imagine, I think there was a little bit of therapy involved. That's why one of the songs is called "Therapy."

Once again, the trio has teamed with German design powerhouse Pfadfinderei for its live show, enduring a process of creation which was not without its trials and tribulations. "The problem you're facing if you're doing a big show with visuals and stuff is somehow it needs to be synchronized," Ring continues. "Complete improvisation can work, but it can also fail." Having seen Moderat on its first tour, there's little change of failure. The spectacle it is, for eyes and ears equally, is something not easily forgotten. We have not doubt this one will be the same. 

Moderat is slated for a U.S. tour but dates are yet to be released. Moderat's II is out August 2 on Mute Records, and the music alone should enough, to get all of you out to see these guys when they hit the town nearest you.

See the video for the first single, "Bad Kingdom" below:



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