Shuffle | Mark Pritchard

Shuffle | Mark Pritchard "Ghosts"

by Joshua P. Ferguson

It's been sometime now since the indigenous juke and footwork sounds of the Windy City have navigated their way from the streets of Chicago's south side, growing ever richer as a new army of disparate producers find rich and diverse new uses for the breakneck rhythms. The Second City sound has found itself right at home in the UK, where it's been marrying nicely with bass, jungle, and even techno thanks to labels like Hyperdub and Planet Mu, whose actually become a global sounding board for the genre's hometown talent, most recently—and notably—RP Boo. No surprise then, to find that the always-forward-thinking Warp Records is also flirting with the sound, the latest example being "Ghosts," the new single from the many-monickered producer extraordinaire Mark Pritchard (a.k.a. Troubleman, Global Communications, Harmonic 313, and Africa Hitech, just to name a few of our favorites).

"Ghosts" is certainly not Pritchard's first foray into footwork, but its been a measly eight hours since we were turned on to the track, and its already becoming our favorite. Sparing in a deep techno sort of a way, Pritchard's footwork treads lightly here. A slightly tweaked and single-worded sample won't let us forget the track's name as trademark juke handclaps and a padded beat take flight. Glowing organ chords give only a moment's notice before the undulating, funk grit melody enters the fray. But its all a calm before the storm. Stuttering echoes of "Ghosts" fall like a string of 100 dominoes as send up to the track's second refrain, a tipping point of machine-gun snare, 808 clicks, hollow toms, and that Detroit techno funk Pritchard has managed to work in amongst all the rest. As we put it this morning when raving about the track, this could be the producer's 2013 answer to "Wind It Up". It is from our perspective anyway.

BONUS DJ MIX | Mark Pritchard 30 min 'Ghosts' mix for Kode9/RinseFM 

If you're loving "Ghosts" as much as we are, press play on this promo mix to hear Pritchard rip it up across jungle, footwork, IDM, and deep bass. Not-so-comprehensive tracklisting below:

Tracklisting (sort of)
1 - (0:00) - Intro - Babylon 
2 - (0:41) - Nine Samurai - Kode 9 & The Spaceape - Mark Pritchard 160 Version. 
3 - (3:23) - Shot Fe Bust - Poison Chang - Marvellous Cain Rmx 
4 - (4:29) - Soundboy Fuck Off - Mark Pritchard - Warp 
5 - (6:23) - Fresh on the moon - Dj Rashad x Moondoctor x FreshtillDef 
6 - (8:11) - Muthafuckin bass - Dj Rashad - Test1 
7 - (9:23) - Next level - Deejay Curt 
8 - (10:23) - Your Computer is infected - ((((Traxman, DJ Fred)))) 
9 - (12:47) - The Jackin Zone - Risque Rythum Team - Mark Pritchard 160 Version Test1 
10 - (13:32) - Riding high - Faze O - Mark Pritchard 160 Version Test1 
11 - (14:20) - ? Test 1- Mark Pritchard 
12 - (16:44) - Ghosts - Mark Pritchard - Warp 
13 - (20:25) - ? Test 1 - Mark Pritchard 
14 - (23:32) - Y'all Ain't Ready - Jay Dee - Mark Pritchard 160 Version Test1 
15 - (25:33) - ? 160 Version Test1 - Mark Pritchard 
16 - (27:11) - Outro - The Sun - Koreless - MP Reedit



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