Shuffle | Dawn of Midi + CFCF + Brian Irving

Shuffle | New Sounds from Our Inbox

By Joshua P. Ferguson

Dawn of Midi "Nix" —Thirsty Ear
Maybe it's not fair to say that Brookln-based trio Dawn of Midi is taking a cue from Brandt Brauer Frick, but the two group's certainly operate from the same space; using classically trained and jazz-minded backgrounds to recreate the subtle intricacies and deep, evolving textures of techno live. "Nix," the first sounds to appear from Dawn of Midi's sophomore release Dysnomia, is a finely crafted case in point, weaving frantic freestyle double bass and delicate drumming under the dominant and infectiously hypnotic piano. The middle stanza of "Nix" might leave you thinking the record is skipping if you're not listening closely

DOWNLOAD: Dawn of Midi "Nix" | 320 mp3

CFCF "Camera" — Paper Bag
Maintaining the breathy beauty that won us over on last year's Exercises EP, Montreal sound composer CFCF returns on the eve of his next EP, Music for Objects, with "Camera." A daydream of layered saxophones, slinking baselines, and the sunshine tones that have come to characterize his aesthetic, "Camera"  has more of an abstract pop feel than the meditative and mellow dance beats that made up Exercises, but it's no less of an admirable progression in his style. 


Brian Irving "Eyes Wide" — Radiant Things Music
Switching our sound palette slightly, we move to the somewhat curious electronic psych track "Eyes Wide," if nothing else than because it's composed by Brian Irving (nee Brater) the man behind prolific underground hip-hop label Rawkus Records. He's come a long way since his days bringing Mos Def and Talib Kweli to our unsuspecting ears. These days, he's gone the indie-electronic route, garnering comparisons to Tame Impala, for his throwback, computerized trippiness. 

DOWNLOAD: Brian Irving "Eyes Wide" | 320 mp3


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