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Jon Hopkins + The Creators Project


It doesn't officially hit stands until June 4, and already Jon Hopkins' Immunity is shaping up to be a contender for one of the top albums of 2013. You'll see it on our charts anyway. As a send up to the release, a beautiful amalgamation of shoegaze techno, digital fog, blissful static rhythms, and downbeat excursions, Hopkins has teamed with Vice's always reliable Creators Project, art director Craig Ward, and biochemist Linden Gledhill--yes, you read that correctly--to pair the odd, picturesque, and quite fitting time-lapse footage of  crystal growth and chemical reactions with Hopkins latest compositions. Naturally, the results only add to the beauty of the music on display.

As Ward put it in a recent press release, "Jon's music is organic and flowing, yet with a hard and rhythmic electronic edge. The idea of delving down to explore chemical interactions under a microscope felt like the perfect solve to create the album imagery and our video."

-- Joshua P. Ferguson

The results:

And to sweeten the deal slightly, grab Nosaj Thing's recent remix of the lead single from Immunity, "Open Eye Signal:"


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