DJ Mix | John Tejada for Halocyan Records

DJ Mix | John Tejada

Promo Mix for LA's Halocyan Records

"You Must Understand History to Create the Future."

Given all the talk about Daft Punk this week, and how their album, if nothing else, flies in the face of everything trendy in popular contemporary dance music, I was particularly attracted to the above quote from the bio of the fledgling LA-based imprint Halocyan Records. It is an underlying sentiment in everything that Daft Punk does, and certainly a central takeaway from Random Access Memories. In it's current context, it is also a respectable way for Dimitri Fergadis, Halocyan's owner, to say 'this is who we are, this is what we do.' 

Another way for Fergadis—an electronic musician who also runs the Phthalo label—to do that is to cultivate an artists roster that boasts names like Appleblim, FaltyDL, Girl Unit, Legowelt, Max Cooper, Raudive, Scuba, XXXY, our friend and fellow Chicagoan Chrissy Murderbot, and deep-tech minimalist John Tejada, who's turned out a brief-but-potent promo DJ mix showcasing the label's sounds.

Clocking in at under 15 minutes, Tejada's mix is a study in potent efficiency, delivering the deep throwback acid of Legowelt's remix for Murderbot's "Friendship," the raucous bass-driven broken beats of Paul Woolford's "Pursuit," and XXXY's nod to retro breaks and 2-step on "Bash," before wrapping up with the dub prowess ASC displays with "Sonic Assault." The mix says as much about the label's depth as it does about Tejada's. It also underscores the mantra we singled out earlier: how each of the artists that Fergadis has chosen to join his stable knows just as much about where they are coming from as where they are going. We look forward to hearing more of how this plays out in the coming months.

Joshua P. Ferguson

DOWNLOAD: John Tejada Halocyan Promo Mix | 320 mp3


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