The Allure | Bonobo | The North Borders

The Allure | Bonobo | The North Borders

An artist that we've followed since our earliest days in electronic music, Bonobo recently released his latest studio effort for Ninja Tune, The North Borders. Never one to stray too far from his core sound—breezy, organic, and jazzy beats—the London-cum-New York producer and band leader has struck yet another strong chord with his latest, proving that not all chill-out has gone the way of tired cliche. For Record Store Day this past weekend, he also snuck out a gorgeous limited-edition 7x10" box set of the record, which we'd like to show you here along with interspersed snippets of our album review, published earlier this week on XLR8R.

Joshua P. Ferguson

"Green's popularity has ballooned, leading to steady touring both as a live act and a DJ, all with a degree of success that would have been unimaginable when his pillowy beats debuted on the Tru Thoughts label back in 2000. Given Bonobo's new level of exposure, one might expect a commercially minded shift in his sound, but The North Borders instead plays out as a linear and logical progression of his catalog to date."

"Tracing the Bonobo of 2013 back to his earliest days, the biggest advances come in quality of production, not in modification of style. While guttural groans, wobbles, and whatnot could have easily worked their way into the fold, we are instead greeted with the producer's tried-and-true Rhodes, crackling soul, soothing cinematics, and pan-global swing."

"The North Borders succeeds best at shedding its weathered downtempo shackles when it pushes the tempo. "Emkay" is an uplifting prance through an organic soundscape of woodblock clacks, breathy saxophones, simmering strings, and a folksy sample that recalls something from the vintage RJD2 playbook."

"Overall though, Green's ability to stay true to the sounds that have carried him this far is admirable. A cursory listen to The North Borders may give a "been there done that" impression at points, but a closer listen reveals just how much he's carefully pushing his own boundaries."


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