Heavy Rotation | Benoit and Sergio + Brandt Brauer Frick + Ost and Kjex + Lockah

Heavy Rotation | XLR8R + Greenlight Music

Corralling our latest commentary from around the Web.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

It's been a dynamic last couple months on the writing front, including a unique thought piece for us that we contributed to music-licensing site Greenlight Music's blog, Kitchen Sync—which you can read here: "The Limits of Pandora" discussing, well, the limits and opportunities of Pandora Radio, as well as our typical stream of interviews and reviews, including highlights from D.C. dance duo Benoit & Sergio and German organic techno maestros Brandt Brauer Frick. Here's the rundown:


"Oh yeah! It was supposed to be with Seth Troxler, that was it. We were supposed to play with Seth because we had just put out the Visionquest record. It was this Visionquest night, but Seth couldn't make it because he'd torn his passport. It was ripped and when he went to get his Russian visa, the Russian embassy said, 'No, we won't let you in the country because you don't treat state property well.'" — Benjamin "Sergio" Myers says of one of Benoit & Sergio's worst performance experiences.

"The album's breezy, Floridian motif manifests itself across "Miami Theme," "Miami Drift," and "Miami Titles," each of which attract comparisons to Cinematic Orchestra's epic jazz drama and Herbert's stuttering style... The fastidiousness that has typically characterized the ensemble's organic techno methodology has relaxed here, and as the sweeping piano melody of "Miami Titles" carries the album towards its final moments, it's clear that Brandt Brauer Frick has found a space where its members can more freely explore, and just as masterfully, they've arrived without forgetting the qualities that got them here."

"Back in 2004, the pair, often clad in clothes of varying shades of mustard and donning Wisconsin cheesehead-like bowlers and top hats, did Herbert one cheekier by crafting the hilariously titled Some, But Not All Cheese, Comes from the Moon entirely out of cheese and cracker samples. This obsession with fromage and other foodie fare carried right on through to 2010's Cajun Lunch for Hamburg's Diynamic imprint. But a quiet two years focused on family and a collective move to the Oslo suburbs has seen Tore "Ost" Gjedrem and Petter "Kjex" Haavik return to Diynamic as a more mature and in-the-pocket duo with the Lulu EP."

"After a brief intro teases out the EP's '80s Italo theme, lead track "Young Neon Countach" asserts Banks' skill at crafting epic synth melodies as well as his fondness for vintage electro and boogie... It is a rollercoaster of fuzzy triplets, padded drum rolls, the chattering teeth of Southern hip-hop beats, and the plucky funk of slap-bass, all led through a series of build-ups and breakdowns by a powerful and poppy lead melodic line. It's this swirling of influences that has reviewers mashing up genres into hashtags like "progstep" and "drum & juke" as they attempt to sum up his synth-heavy and rhythmic work."


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