Shuffle | Little Boots + Zagar + Hank and Cupcakes + The Crystal Ark

Shuffle | New Sounds from our Inbox

by Joshua P. Ferguson

LB "Superstitious Heart" (2020 Vision remix instrumental)
Here, thinly-veiled London Chanteuse Little Boots (who we interviewed back in 2009 when she was just making her rise out of Youtube) joins with Ralph Lawson and company for dynamic house excursion that recalls the boogie funk of artists like Tensnake and 2020 Vision alums PBR Streetgang who also chime in with a remix on the commercial version of this release package. This freebie serves to wet your whistle a bit, as it were.

DOWNLOAD: LB "Superstitious Heart" (2020 Vision remix instrumental) | WAV (big file!)

Zagar "Space Medusa"
Falling somewhere in between '70s cosmic rock, Aeroplane and Daft Punk, Hungary's Zagar mixes vocoder wizardry, epic synth build-ups and waves of atmospherics into a sci-fi soul that would fit right in with the Kitsune catalog. A viral hit thanks to its use as a soundtrack to Bang & Olufsen's recent ad campaign, the group recently let it go as a freebie:

DOWNLOAD: Zagar "Space Medusa" | 320 mp3

Hank + Cupcakes "Sweet Potion" (RJD2 remix)
Brooklyn's rebellious pop duo Hank + Cupcakes have tapped stalwart beatmaker RJD2 for a remix that's equal parts boom-bap and '80s electro soul. Drummer/vocalist Cupcakes has pipes that rival  a classic rock chic like Pat Benatar, and somehow, laid over RJD2's moody production, it all comes together like the duo's namesake Charles Bukowski and his onetime lover with the cute cake name.

DOWNLOAD: Hank + Cupcakes "Sweet Potion" (RJD2 remix) | 320 mp3

The Crystal Ark "Rain"
The unique pairing of LCD man Gavin Rossum and vocalist performer Viva Ruiz, marks a new chapter in the DFA story with the Crystal Ark. Eclectic live-band disco in the vein of Escort or Midnight Magic, the The Crystal Ark's is quirkier than most, mixing mysticism, spicy Latin flourishes courtesy of Ruiz and Rossum's signature electronic funk.

DOWNLOAD: The Crystal Ark "Rain" | 320 mp3


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