The Allure | Mad Men Season 6

The Allure | Mad Men

In what has become an annual tradition within the Dialogue Inc offices, the yearly premier of Mad Men is akin to Thanksgiving, albeit with less football and more fondue. Ties are also skinnier. And the drinks stiffer, too. Anyway. We  know we're not alone in this festive non-holiday that sees socialites, fashion lovers and TV junkies alike dress in their best '60s period gear and slave away shaking dirty martinis and whipping up deviled eggs so they can impress all of their guests who have gathered to share in the show's premier—which, for those of you who haven't heard is Sunday April 7.

For the season 5 premiere last year, AMC shared a series of cast photos in advance, and our post sharing them with Dialogue Inc readers was one of our most viewed of the year, so we thought you all might appreciate this yet again—as much as we appreciate the traffic! So behold, the cast of Mad Men Season 6, including a wiser Peggy, a thinner-but-no-less-crazy Betty, the always-dapper Roger, and of course Don.

And apropos Dialogue Inc's core philosophies about cultural communication and enlightening conversation, we leave you with this quote (below), words of wisdom from an Ad guru really. 

— Joshua P. Ferguson

"If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation." — Don Draper


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