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Flying Lotus is definitely on the receiving end of quite a bit of attention here at Dialogue Inc. The one-two punch of his new record, Until the Quiet Comes, and his stunning new visual live show, Layer 3, has given us much to gush over. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the artist otherwise known as Steve Ellison in advance of his recent Chicago tour stop—you can read that interview here: Interview | Flying Lotus—in which he talked about the simplistic approach to his new visual set-up. Seeing it first hand, you probably won't be surprised to read we had nothing but good things to say. In fact, our review for Time Out Chicago even got picked up by Wikipedia, who snagged a quote from us to describe the show:

"All manner of Tron-like halos, expanding and contracting orbs, starscapes and unidentifiable amorphous globs of color raced, shot and oozed their way across screens placed both in front of and behind Flying Lotus." 

The quote reappeared alongside a new mini-documentary commissioned by Red Bull Music Academy, in which FlyLo and his visual partners, Strange Loop and Time Warp, describe the mechanics behind the show and how they feel about the finished product. Check that out below (or here):



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