DJ Mix | DJ Shadow by Irn Mnky

DJ Mix | DJ Shadow as interpreted by Irn Mnky

Not to be mistaken as a mix BY DJ Shadow, this is actually a quick little jaunt through the Shadow catalog as seen through the eyes, and capable hands, of U.K. DJ Irn Mnky, who Shadow himself is a big admirer of, saying:

"Irn Mnky’s mix culminates a three-year relationship, initiated by a remix contest held via my website. His reworking of my track 'Walkie Talkie' was a personal favorite, and a highlight of my live show. Based on that, I felt he had earned the opportunity to deliver a proper, paid remix, which he did for 'I Gotta Rokk,' again with spectacular results. He’s got a great sensibility for crafting sound, and I consider myself a fan."

Shadow is, and has long been, an inspiration to many of us and Irn Mnky pays a pristine tribute here, traversing the DJ legend's catalog and his penchant for heavy rock drums, sample juggling and drum 'n' bass breaks, and doing it all with a lightning-quick mastery of the crossfader. It was good enough to land on Rolling Stone, where the mix debut yesterday, and it seemed a fitting enough tribute to post up here as well. The only complaint, at 17 minutes total it's over WAY before you want it to be.

Irn Mnky | DJ Shadow mix:


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