Shuffle | Eskmo + AbdeCaf + Little People + Bi-Polar Bears


Shuffle | New Sounds from our Inbox

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Eskmo "I Just Want"
When you can boast releases on Ninja Tune, Warp and Planet Mu, as the moody Californian producer Eskmo does, you score a lot of points with a lot of people—in the discerning dance music community anyway—before even having to press play. But when that button is pushed, this man backs up the reputation that precedes him. Eskmo's latest, "I Just Want," a teaser for his forthcoming EP for his own Ancestor label, carries on the producer's nuanced production style, building slowly before breaking into fuzzy bass groove. His own distorted vocals provide extra warmth to the track. I often think of Eskmo as Amon Tobin light, and this track upholds that opinion.

DOWNLOAD: Eskmo "I Just Want" | 320 mp3

AbdeCaf "Never Know" (featuring Soft Lighting)
Given the bent of EDM world domination going on these past few months, it's ultra refreshing to find a 21-year-old producer who prefers to take up company—musically, at least—with acts like James Blake and Balam Acab, two acts with which Miami producer AbdeCaf is often compared. Listening to this freebie, "Never Know," he feels more indie than either of those two acts, mixing smooth synth lines with popping rock bass and minimal drum machine programming. After a few listens, I'm more likely to put him next to melancholy Italo rockers Chromatics.

Little People "Aldgate Patterns"
Again, I don't know if its the all this EDM hype, but lately I've been latching onto anything that doesn't lead with an over-the-top 4/4 thump. Cinematic in its scope and supremely chill, Little People's new single "Aldgate Patterns" definitely qualifies. The U.K. producer begins with what could be a finger piano and toy xylophone before growing his track to include the crunch of a Bonobo-esque beat, lush strings and an upgrade to a baby grand. This lovely track is the precursor to his sophomore LP, We Are But Hunks of Wood, due out any time on Youth and Progress Records.

DOWNLOAD: Little People "Aldgate Patterns" | 320 mp3

Bi-Polar Bear "Ledge"
Rounding out this mellower edition of Shuffle is Bi-Polar Bear, the breezy hip-hop duo from Arizona. Boasting just the right kind of downtempo beat production and indie-style rapping, "Ledge" could have come straight from the Atmosphere camp for its thoughtfulness and jazzy vibe. 

DOWNLOAD: Bi-Polar Bear "Ledge" | 192 mp3


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