Shuffle | Lindstrøm

Shuffle | Lindstrøm

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Norway's towering cosmic-disco tour-de-force Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has been a busy guy. Maybe it's because he's got too many ideas to adhere to a typical artist release schedule, you know , the one-album-every-two-years-or-so schedule. Lindstrøm seems to be putting down so much material that he's doing the opposite: two albums every year or so. This march saw Six Cups of Rebel, an album that indulged his crunchy krautrock tendencies. I have to admit, I did not love that record. I'm not so selfish as to expect an artist to release albums that riff on the same sound over and over again just to maintain a style that fans have come to know and love; especially not an artist like Lindstrøm who has gone through such wonderful and dramatic bouts of evolution over the years—remember Slow Supreme?—but Six Cups just wasn't my cup of cosmic tea.

From initial offering "Rà-àkõ-st," an unpronounceable slice of pristine Nordic Italo-house, I can already tell I'm going to feel differently about Smalhans, Lindstrøm's forthcoming studio album. It's got the sprawling and melodic sci-fi vibe that permeated much of 2008's Where You Go I Go Too, but reined in much the way he was on 2009 collabo effort Real Life is No Cool, with vocalist Christabelle. Here, he's recaptured his space-age lounge vibe without being too weird or too epic for it to work on a dance floor. The bottom line: fans of "I Feel Space" or "Another Station" are going to be really happy. It's also worth noting that fellow Nordic cosmonaut Todd Terje was behind the mixing board for the entire endeavor and will be taking lead duty on the singles front, working his magic on extend edits and remixes that are to accompany the full-length release. In 2012, Lindstrøm is giving up a little something for everybody. Kudos my man.

DOWNLOAD: Lindstrøm "Rà-àkõ-st" | 192 mp3



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