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DJ Mix | Zebo

With Trap to the Future 2, the Chicago jock sheds more light on the emerging trap rave sound.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

I've probably said it before in these digi-pages, but it was bound to happen eventually. Deejays and producers, tired of working within a strict framework, branch out into genres of a similar tempo to see what they can come up with. Drumstep meets somewhere in between dubstep and drum 'n' bass at a cool 75 bpms. Likewise, footwork found a kindred spirit in drum 'n' bass. I don't know what that's called. Footstep? Juke 'n' bass? Regardless, it's pretty dope. If you need convincing peep this, a personal favorite example.

Then there's the latest example: Trap Rave, which doesn't even seem that new, considering Chicago DJ Zebo has already managed to churn out his second mix dedicated to the sound. Moving in and out of Southern rap beats, dubstep squelchs, classic rave atmospherics and juke/booty samples, it's kind of the ultimate party music right now. Chicago duo Flosstradamus is all over it,  dropping a quintessential example of the sound with "Total Recall," the pair's latest single for Mad Decent (which can be heard on our latest Dialogue Incorporated mix). Then there's Mad Decent side label Jeffree's, which is a great source as well.

On Zebo's latest, Trap to the Future Part 2, he covers just about every direction the sound is being taken in: Percussive workouts that bear much resemblance to discerning dubstep, bass and booty rumblers, crunk beats just crying out for Lil' Jon, trance beats just crying out for Lil' Jon, and even twisted remixes of Robin S. and Dada Life.

Press play on the mix below and download if you like as well. Stay tuned, if we can, we'll add a tracklisting.


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