The Allure | Little Dragon x Absolut Vodka

The Allure | Little Dragon x Absolut Vodka

As far as Swedish musical groups go, how much more do we love Little Dragon than we do Swedish House Mafia?  So much so, it bothers us to name the two in the same sentence. While it was cool of Absolut Vodka to use the electro-house megastars in its recent campaign to make the Greyhound cocktail cool again, we're much happier to see its latest promotion—this time for Absolut Punch—featuring one of our favorite indie dance outfits, Little Dragon.

The Scandinavian spirit may not be first to market with turning a music video into a three and a half minute commercial, but in our humble opinion, its the first to do so with this much style. Our distaste for SHM aside, the video for "Greyhound" was clearly expensive, elaborate and well done. And the fact that the song dropped afterward, charting and getting airplay in and of itself is yet another campaign home run. One I'm sure Absolut hopes to repeat with "Sunshine," a one-off single from Little Dragon that buzzed yesterday with a behind-the-scenes viral video, debuted on The Daily Show last night and hit the Web in full music-video-meets-ad form this morning.

Given the bright nature of its title and the summery allure of the product its helping launch, "Sunshine" is a tighter, poppier turn for Little Dragon, who has been meandering into increasingly psychedelic territory of late. Still laced with the band's signature bouncy rhythm and Yukimi Nagano's effortless soul, there's little doubt that the song will gain traction on its own—maybe even featuring during the outfits string of summer festival appearances, including Lollapalooza here in Chicago—a boon for the ever-stylish (but not our favorite) Vodka brand.

— Joshua P. Ferguson

Check the behind the scenes and finished videos below:


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