Live and Direct | Abstract Science + Dialogue Inc

Live and Direct | Abstract Science + Dialogue Inc

Without college radio, I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing this post. It was back in 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin, that I dove head first into that broadcasting world and began spending all my time digesting, playing, talking and writing about music. Eleven years later, I've come circle. As of last night, I officially returned to the airwaves as the newest co-host of Chicago's Abstract Science radio show which broadcasts from WLUW, Loyola University's 88.7FM frequency, on Thursday nights from 10pm to 2am here in Chicago--it can also be heard on the web from a stream on the station's website.

The 15-year-old show, which is chiefly organized by longtime friend and DJ Chris Widman as well as Luke Stokes and their Cali cohort Henry Self, advertises itself as 'future music and its roots.' For followers of Dialogue Inc and especially our sporadic podcasts, you'll know this is no stretch; we fit right in.

To give a snapshot into last night's playlist--something we hope to start recording and hosting here--I dove into new music from King Britt in his Fhloston Paradigm guise, Nina Kraviz, School of Seven Bells, Photek, Polar Pair (with a choice Zed Bias remix), Scuba and Jacques Greene. In a bit of tooting our own horn, we're pretty proud of the range there. And we hope you'll come to feel the same way as this partnership grows.

-- Joshua P. Ferguson 


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