The Allure | Mad Men Season 5 (cont)

Allure | Mad Men Season 5 pt 2

I'm grateful to Matthew Weiner, AMC and the organizers of Mad Men for keeping the highly anticipated fifth season so close to the vest. All of the preview trailers for the new season which debuts on—finally, sigh—Sunday 25 have been composed of snippets from the last season and until this week, there has only been one still shot that gave us a glimpse of what's in store for Don, Betty, Peggy, Pete, Joan, Roger et al. And the shot, a reflection of Don in a department store window housing a naked female mannequin, only amps up the guessing game.

So the more comprehensive teaser, which came in the form of cast member still shots, may not say much but it's something new and for that it's welcome. And for those of you researching your outfits for the Mad Men cocktail party you've no doubt already been invited to, it's good food for thought.

—Joshua P. Ferguson


You can check out the full shoot at here:



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