Allure | Mad Men Season 5

Allure | Mad Men

Given the show's subject matter, Mad Men had best come correct in the promotional department. From the looks of these pictures, which were gathered on a recent blog post on AMC's blog, they're getting off on the good foot. Full disclosure, the entire Dialogue Incorporated office is obsessed with the show, so there's little wrong it can do in our eyes. 

That said, a bit of the language—"Adultery is back," "Envy is back"—do smack of being a tad heavy-handed. In the past, the show has been nothing if not subtle, even if these boasts to hit the mark. The one we like best is "Secrets are back," at least that still gives a sense of intrigue. 

As much as words are our forte, the placements that truly have the most impact are the ones without headlines, showing Don, the leader of the Mad Men, tumbling from on high as he does in the show's opening credits. We don't know what this says about the trajectory of this season's plot, but we're anxious to find out. The new season premieres Sunday March 25.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Here are some of the other photos:


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