Year in Review | Top Singles 5 – 1

Year in Review | Top Singles of 2011
5 to 1

by Joshua P. Ferguson

We did it! Hope that it made for unexpected and enjoyable listening.

5) Modeselektor "Green Light Go" – Monkeytown
You've got to give it to Modeselektor, it's one of the only acts around that's unafraid to freely cross from hip-hop to techno to dubstep and back, and do it successfully (for the most part). We didn't love every track from the Berlin duo's 2011 LP, but this off-kilter urgent and delicate indie-bass album cut makes us swoon.

Modeselektor - Green light go (with PVT)

4) Jamie Woon "Night Air" – Polydor
Even though this track technically surfaced as a single in 2010, Woon's 2011 album release let's us feel comfortable with it's inclusion here. That, and this whispy midtempo ballad from U.K. post-dubstep crooner Woon is so moving it cracked our top five for the year.

Night Air by woon

3) The Rapture "How Deep is Your Love" – DFA
The flagship LCD Soundsystem may have set sail for the last time, but the revival of this indie-dance progenitors more than filled the void this year. The band may have undergone some line-up changes and made good on their spiritually-oriented name this time around, but if that's what it took to put them at the top their game, then so be it. While "Sail Away" is our personal fave, it was this track that had the most impact this year. With it's hallelujah piano and hands in the air chorus, it's easy to hear why.

2) Todd Terje "Ragysh" – Running Back
Hearing this marathon un-categorizable anthem under the May sun courtesy of Sven Vath at this Year's Detroit Movement Festival was a musical highlight for us. Thousands of people went nuts to it and I guarantee more than one was thinking, 'what the hells is this bad ass madness?' We want to call it acid, but it's not really. It's housey techno sure, but that low-end synth melody and those bouncey drums don't fit neatly into any mold either. Simply put, this leftfield stomper was unlike anything released in 2011 and proves why Todd Terje is one of the most exciting figures in dance music today.

Todd Terje - Ragysh

1) Benoit and Sergio "Principles" – DFA 
This D.C. duo ruled our digi-crates this year. From "Walk and Talk" which we charted lower on the list to their winding, techy turn "Let Me Count the Ways" for Ghostly's Spectral imprint, this sugary stunner, Benoit and Sergio's output—which seemingly sprung from nowhere—fueled our rekindled love of all things deep house. It's not possible to drop this cut for a dance floor and not have someone come up imploring you for its name. If "Walk and Talk" was Benoit and Sergio's equivalent of waifish model hot, then "Principles" is the Kim Kardashian of their ouvre, and we like it curvy.


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