Year in Review | Top Singles 10 – 6

Year in Review | Top Singles of 2011
10 to 6

by Joshua P. Ferguson

The show must go on. We fully intend to be done with this before the concept of 'the new year' gets too stale...

10) Mark E "Call Me" (Dixon edit) – Merck
Deep house has always been central to Dialogue Inc's love of dance music, and no one does deep better than Innervisions frontman Dixon. Not to discount Mark E's role in this monster from the depths, but this edit from Dixon and its inclusion on his Robert Johnson mix makes it part of his DNA in our minds. Regardless, it's a beauty.


9) Art Department "Vampire Nightclub" – Crosstown Rebels
If you tried to explain why this song rules so hard, people will laugh at you. Vampire Nightclub? First thing that comes to mind is that ridiculous scene from Blade with a dance floor being bathed in blood sprayed from the sprinkler system. But this here meditative track truly does deserve the ketamine house descriptor—burning long and deep with Seth Troxler's throaty whispers. "I like to watch your body get down," indeed.


8) Rusko "Every Day" – Mad Decent
It's that time of year again, when we praise dubstep titan Rusko's annual unstoppable anthem. 2011's entry is "Every Day," the baddest true school bass monster to come growling out of festival speakers this summer. With just enough pop appeal to get the girls giddy, it was a highlight of his set at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago over Labor Day weekend and so many months later, that shit still bangs hard.

7) Chris Brown + Twista + Busta Rhymes + Lil Wayne "Look At Me Now" – Jive
Speaking of Mad Decent, who knew Diplo teaming up with Dutch house star Afrojack would result in a heater of this magnitude? No one likes Chris Brown—except maybe girls under the age of 16—but goddamn this song is absurdly good, undeniably our hip-hop song of 2011. Busta? Leggo. This guy hasn't sounded this good since "Scenario." Nuff said.


6) James Blake "The Wilhelm Scream" – Columbia
Honestly, we don't know that we can say any more about James Blake. Between our work at Time Out Chicago and here at Dialogue Inc we've praised this post-dubstep wonder enough. He deserved it all, but people are beginning to think we have a man crush. That said, this song still makes our heart beat faster.


Fluxes said...

Interesting Top 10-6. Really like that Dixon edit! Curious to see the 5-1...



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