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Shuffle | New Sounds from Our Inbox

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Florence + the Machine "No Light, No Light" (Spector Ryan Gosling remix)
In the rush leading up to 2012, what with all the different year-end lists we attempted to tackle, the rock side of things somehow got lost. One such artist from that realm that we'd hoped to spend some blog time praising was U.K. siren Florence Welch, who, along with her Machine, released a proper gothic pop stunner in Ceremonials. Here, one of the stand outs from that record received the remix treatment from fellow countrymen Spector, who twist it ever so slightly into a booming, mildly glitchy musical storm fit for the remix's namesake, Ryan Gosling, but specifically his turn as the nameless stuntman hero in Drive.

Download: Florence + the Machine "No Light, No Light" (Spector Ryan Gosling remix) | 160 mp3


Matthew Dear "In the Middle (I Met You There)"
Looking ahead, pop-technoist Matthew Dear's impending LP is one of our most anticipated this year.  Dropping his Headcage EP last week, Dear gave us a taste of what to expect—further adventures in his patented, avant-garde, roiling electronic pop. This cut, the highlight of the EP is the first to feature a voice other than Dear's and we're obsessed with results. Slinking along with a beat made partially from sampled vocals, the Drums' Jonny Pierce makes a perfect stand-in with his nasally drawl. Dear's productions are no longer ideally suited for the dance floor, but we guarantee you'll bump this on your headphones for days to come.

Download: Matthew Dear "In the Middle (I Met You There)" | 320 mp3


Mayer Hawthorne "You Got the Makings of a Lover" (PillowTalk edit)
Our favorite modern-day, retro-cool crooner Mayer Hawthorne gets an extended edit from rising Gotham City boogie revivalists PillowTalk and the results are simply stunning. A two-minute slow build to the honey-ooze of the original's horns and strings is just the kind of musical foreplay we like. And the subtle house thump underpinning gives Hawthorne just the bump needed to be a perfect fit for sexier dance floors. 

Download: Mayer Hawthorne "You Got the Makings of a Lover" (PillowTalk edit) | AIFF


The Weeknd "Same Old Song" Paper Diamond remix
Injecting this update with a little bass, Colorado highlight of the Pretty Lights label stable, Paper Diamond tweeks out the lo-fi soul of the Weeknd's "Same Old Song." We've really tried to get on the Weeknd bandwagon and until this remix, we just kept falling off. The guy can sing, there's no doubt, but where his voice wins and his productions do too, there's something about his songwriting that we find no better than your average throw-away radio single. We want to like it, but then the smoke clears and we don't like what we see in mirror, or something. Thankfully, that's not the case on this exceptional turn.

Download: The Weeknd "Same Old Song" Paper Diamond remix | 256 mp3



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